This IBM Watson powered chatbot has been superseded by a ChatGPT powered Glaucoma education chatbot.
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Timothy – the glaucoma education chatbot

Start a conversation with Timothy, the glaucoma education chatbot. 

Chatbots may have a beneficial role in healthcare. They may play an important role in educating, motivating and coaching patients.

One traditional form of education uses the ‘frequently asked questions (FAQ)’ format. The format is often a laundry list of questions ; some relevant but some not.

A chatbot may be well suited to custom tailor FAQ responses. The responses may not be perfect, but who is?

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Context of chatbot interaction

This chatbot is meant to cater to a recently diagnosed glaucoma patient who has been started on glaucoma eyedrop medication. The chatbot is meant to deliver a short scripted message on the importance of taking eyedrop medications. This is meant to encourage medication compliance.

After the scripted message, the chatbot enters an unstructured conversation. The participant is free to type in anything related to glaucoma.

The information is mainly tailored to a more recently diagnosed glaucoma patient although some information may be helpful to long term glaucoma patients.

The chatbot can be configured with or without a starting structured message as necessary.

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